Case Studies

Case Study #1 - Lean Initiative Leads to Automated Metrology Solution

Case Study #2

The Problem: An automotive lighting supplier required a show-quality prototype taillight housing for the debut of a new product from a major American motorcycle company. The part was complex, required Chrome plating and was to be completed in a 2-week timeframe to make the show.

The Solution: M&M stepped up to the plate, working with all the necessary entities and utilizing our lights-out capabilities to make it happen in the required time frame.

Case Study #3

The Problem: A custom injection molding company commissioned tooling overseas. The product delivered was of poor quality. Deadlines were not being met. The tool required extensive rework with limited time.

The Solution: M&M worked closely with the distressed company’s engineering team to make the necessary modifications to manufacture production-quality parts in a timely manner.


"M&M Tool and Mold has set themselves apart from other tool shops with their
ability to handle multiple programs simultaneously, hold extremely tight tolerances
on complex surfaces, as well as deliver quality molds consistently on time. They
have the capability to build simple open and close tooling to highly complicated
multi-shot tooling." - Dave Kaisler, Tooling Engineer, J. W. Speaker Corporation