FTP File Upload

To access M&M Tool and Mold's FTP, please complete the form below and submit so we may provide you with a custom user id and password to access the FTP area of our website. All fields are required or we will be unable to provide you with FTP access.




*Email Address:  

FTP login access, which will include your custom id and password, will be sent via pdf to the email address that is supplied along with instructions on how to use the information.

NOTE: To use our FTP site and transfer files to us, you must have FTP software. If you have your own software, the user settings in the pdf we provide will give you access to your area of the FTP. If you need FTP software, there are free versions available and we will provide information on how to download and use them with our FTP instructions when we send you your id and password. If you need assistance or have questions, please use our contact us form which you can access at left, or give us a call.