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“For the past 10 – 12 years I have often turned to Carl at M&M to discuss how to best approach a project. His willingness to sit down and brainstorm is one of the things that truly sets M&M apart from the competition. The M&M team takes a collaborative approach in order to satisfy the requirements of the final part and my requirements as a molder.

They have worked hard to establish a great working relationship with us. M&M is very approachable and has taken the time to tour our factory and see first-hand what we do. They have also been very stand up when the inevitable happens – the few times a mistake has been made, they react quickly and are great about making things right.

Coming up with creative solutions for design challenges and then delivering a quality tool has made M&M our go-to resource.”

Matt Nelson
Vice President
Engineering Industries, Inc.
Bertha Leguizamon
Program Manager
Cast Products Inc.

“Over the past 1 – 1.5 years great communications is what has set M&M apart from others in their industry. I work primarily with Bruce and Shawn and if there are any discrepancies or design flaws, we immediately receive either an email along with a photo, or an invite to a call.

It’s that kind of communication that has created a great working relationship – resulting in tools that are spot on, and often delivered ahead of schedule. That is truly something that nearly never happens in this industry.

In my opinion, the high caliber of the work provided is a direct result of their attention to detail, skill and willingness to go the extra mile.”

“For over fifteen years M & M Tool and Mold has been our go to shop for injection molding tools. Their customer service and engineering has been outstanding, from assistance with part design, tool builds and rapid turnaround for repairs. The quality of their skills with-in the industry is outstanding. The craftmanship and care they take with us as a customer shows in their product, a well-built tool. This is a company and team that listens to the voice of their customers and stand behind their work.”


Andy Weiss
Lead, Quality Assurance
Tsubaki KabelSchlepp America, Inc.
A Member of The Tsubaki Group

Ken Trojan
Tooling Manager
The Master Lock Company
Milwaukee Wisconsin

“I’ve worked with M&M for a little over 7 years. They were the preferred vendor when I got here, and they still are! They are always on time, they honor their commitments and their quality is unsurpassed. They are always willing to discuss projects and come up with a solution that works. They are just a really great group of guys to work with. Being 1.5 hours away from each other, it’s great to know that we can communicate so well over the phone.

If there is one thing that absolutely makes M&M stand apart from others is their ability to turn around a repair. They are ready and right. When we call with a mold that needs repair they are ready and when we get it back it’s always right. That kind of support gets us up and back in business, now!

There is no specific project that comes to mind that stands out above another. Because, every time I call M&M I feel like I’m their only customer.”

“After 8 years of working together, I can highly recommend M&M Tool! They do a nice job with design and quoting and their work ethic is fantastic. When they say they can do it – they do, when they say it will be there by a certain date – they deliver!

So, if you are looking for a partner that is great at providing solutions to complex projects with high tolerance parts and tough material, give M&M a call. I know that they can get the job done right!”

Joe Lehner
Senior Project Manager


Our System Behind Award-Winning Lead Times

At M&M Tool and Mold, we look to the industry experts to offer advice on how to improve our lead times. Fortunately for us, those experts just happen to be our employees. They designed a system which establishes standardizations, outlines training strategies, and encourages employee innovation in conjunction with utilizing the latest in equipment and technology to produce the highest quality tools that are delivered with excellent lead times.

Our employee dedication has played a large part in M&M Tool and Mold winning awards from and being recognized by MoldMaking Technology Magazine.

Winner of the Leadtime Leader Award

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